The secondary mission is complete

The secondary mission PCB is finally finished!

The secondary module is ready and can be sent to production together with the primary module. The boards are manufactured by our sponsor Straschu Holding GmbH.
To save space we have placed small SMD components on the board, which we cannot solder by hand. These are assembled by Straschu. In the next few days we will also publish some information about this.

Since our secondary mission includes another radio link, an antenna is also required for the secondary module. Here we decided for a Halo antenna. This is also already implemented in the circuit board.
Furthermore, the circuit boards give us so much space in the satellite that we have decided to fill it with batteries in order to achieve the necessary weight on the one hand and on the other hand to have sufficient battery capacity. These are all accommodated in the secondary module, since the primary module should be kept as small as possible.

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